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Q: Why should I use Seclave Password Manager?

A: The product offers a secure and easy to handle solution to managing complex passwords. It differs from most other similar products on the market in that the information is stored only on the device and it does not require internet connectivity or drivers to be operational.


Q: Is the Seclave Password Manager secure?

A: Yes. It is by design secure as it operates on custom build hardware whose sole purpose is to securely store your vital information (compare with having an app in your smartphone or computer where malicious spyware can relatively easily extract the information). The product is designed using industry standard components and sound cryptographic methods. 



Q: Where can I buy a Seclave?

A: Seclave Password Manager can be bought either in this web shop or from any of our resellers.


Q: I want to become a reseller for Seclave!

A: We are happy to hear that! If you are aiming for the nordic market, contact us by mail to and we will be in touch with you.


Q: What is the cost for a Seclave Password Manager?

A: The recomended retail price is 1000 SEK plus VAT. The resellers are free to set their own pricing and often has multibuy discounts.

Use Seclave

Q: I think its a hassle to type my long, complicated Windows password on the keyboard!

A: Use the "To Usb" option in your Seclave. Just connect the device with an USB-cable, pick your password and your Seclave will magically type both username and password for you!


Q: I'm have a Linux computer, will the product work for me?

A: When using the "To Usb" option, the device acts as a standard USB Keyboard so it will actually work on any system that accepts that kind of USB-attached keyboard.


Q: I want to store my harddrive crypto key in an Seclave, will that work as there is no internet connection when injecting the key?

A: Seclave will not send any information other than what is commanded by the user and requires no internet connection or device driver to work.


Q: My device is not working, how do I get support?

A: Please read the manual and this FAQ. If that does not solve your problem please turn to the company that sold you the device. 


Seclave KeePass Plugin

Q: How do I install the plugin?

A: Have a look in the Seclave KeePass Plugin Manual or go to and follow the instructions for installing a plugin for your version of KeePass.


Q: I have a large database in KeePass and do not want to export all to my Seclave Password Manager. What can I do?

A: With the plugin installed, right click on the password group in KeePass and choose "Export to Seclave". Then only the selected group and all its content will be exported.


Q: Some of the entries in my database is longer than supported in the Seclave Password Manager, what will happen?

A: During the export, entries will be truncated to fit on the Seclave.



Q: I tried to give an entry a new password by typing the same label and a new password in SecImport but the password is not updated in the device.

A: For security reasons, it is not possible to do such an update from a computer. Try deleting the entry in the device and then import with SecImport. Or just let your Seclave device create a new password for you via Change --> Password --> Generate!